Sunday, January 16, 2011

Honeymoon in the Bahamas!

January 2011 

What an amazing week!  Matt and I have been married for almost 8 months, but with school, work and moving we finally got to go on our honeymoon.  It was a beautiful gift from Matt's parents.  As a tradition Matt's parents plan and send each of their married children off to celebrate their marriage and love.  For us it was a cruise to the Bahamas.  And it was wonderful!  To start things off Matt and I spent 2 days at the Broadmoor Hotel. It was where we had gone to dinner to celebrate our engagement last February.  So for us it has so much emotional value.  Not to mention it is a 5 star 5 diamond resort (one of only a few in the world) so it was a great way to kick things off.  We enjoyed an absolutely one of kind lake suite, signed welcome card from the president of the Broadmoor and a lavish couples massage.  After our stay there we caught a plane to Miami, and then boarded our cruise to the Bahamas. Our flight was filled with excitement as the whole mid west and east were being pounded with storms and snow.  So one by one flights were being cancelled and airports shutting down.  So our trip was halted in Dallas where we missed our connection to Miami (by only 20 min).  So we found a hotel close to the airport and hunkered down for the night.  Our bags however had a wonderful fight all the way to Miami! So with free toothbrushes from the hotel and no clean clothes our adventure had begun.  Matt was tickled to discover our "layover hotel" had fresh popcorn and soda! The next day we flew with no problem to Miami and boarded our cruise ship " The Destiny".  Food, Food and more Food was the theme of the night.  A fantastic welcome show and lots of exploring the boat.  Our favorite quote of the whole cruise (which was repeated by Amanda every time we entered the Lido deck)  " NO SPEEDO'S ON THE LIDO!!" The comedy show was funny and light hearted. 
Famous for its resort Atlantis, it was quite an adventure.  A white knuckled taxi ride on the wrong side of the road, accents that were hard to understand and masses of drunk tourists!  The resort Atlantis was beautiful and breathtaking.  The aquarium was our favorite, up close and personal with fish you'd only want to meet between glass! The history was interesting and the water was cool and rough.  After LOTS of walking we re boarded the ship for a peaceful evening of hot tubs and all you can eat ice cream. 
Our favorite island of our trip, this crescent moon shaped island met all Caribbean expectations!  From the aqored position of the ship it was more than an eyeful to behold.  Beautiful white powder sand beach with perfect aqua blue water, calm and clear.  everything you could imagine about a tropical paradise.  A small boat met the ship and in several trips brought passengers to the island.   We immediately met up with our guide for our aqua trax adventure.  2 hours of jet skiing around the island.  The feeling of adrenaline for 2 hours is exhausting!  Out in the deep water away from the safety of shore Amanda was on the hunt for sharks and anything else with teeth!  Matt enjoyed crazy speed while turning circles and jumping any waves.  I was surprised at how rough the deep sea is on such a little jet ski!  After our excursionn we had an outdoor bbq lunch and headed to the beach.  The water in the protection of the half moon was calm and beautiful. We spent the rest of the day floating, sunbathing and just enjoying each other.
This was a unique island made up of many little islands.  They only one allowed to be toured is the main island called Grand Turk.  Made Famous for Margaritaville and the landing of one of the us space pods.  Unlike Half Moon Cay, this island is home to 5000 native residents and the only prison in the Bahamas.  It was also devastated by a hurricane in 2008.  There was lots of history there and lots of wild horses and donkeys.  We took a very fun excursion around the island while driving dune buggies-on the wrong side of the road!!!!!  It is under British government.  It was quite the experience driving there!  The beach was quite rocky and crowded ( an 8ft tiger shark had also been spotted) so we opted to go to margaritaville. It was a rockin place and the music and pools were great.  Midway through we found ourselves in a massive down poor and raced to the boat drenched! We spent the rest of the night eating, hot tubbing and of course watching Auborn vs Oregon in the casino lounge.  Whoo that was one hot game and the ship's guests were quite divided!  
One whole day and night to return to Miami.  Matt and I took a health class in the gym, Matt entered the "hairy chest contest", we napped, hot tubbed and was our honeymoon!  We had tons of fun, made some friends,  found a deeper love for each other and made memories that will last forever!

Matt and Amanda

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Matt & Amanda's first Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas from the Rigby's!
To all our dear friends and family, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2010 was a very exciting year for our new little family!  The year began for Matt with a trip to Washington to spend Christmas with his family in Washington.  Little did he know that his life was about change!  While escaping family activities he logged on to his social network LDS Mingle only to find..... well me!  It was love at first email!  We began with hours of instant messages and talks on the phone.  It might has seemed crazy to some, but it was perfect for us.  We both new that this was going to change our lives and it was exciting.  It took several weeks before we could meet in person, but that day finally came.  February 2, 2010 was a big day! Our first meeting included plans to visit my grandpa and go to lunch.  And what a morning that was....Matt proposed that very day!!  Ring in hand, he asked me to marry me! I said YES!

The next few months were a blur of travel, wedding planning, meeting each others family and all the while Matt plugging away at his Masters Degree at UCCS.  By mid March rumor had begun that my dad (Stan Nau) would be retiring from BP and that my parents would be moving to Utah.  And true to the nature of the Nau family my mother (Janice) broke her wrist.  So a mad dash began to prep their house to sell, wrap up wedding plans and keep the secret that dad was retiring.  With lots of help from friends we were able to pack the house and get in on the market.  Only 12 days on the market and the house sold! But wait....all the Rigby's and some Nau's were all arriving in just a few weeks! Thank goodness for a gracious hotel willing to put all of us up.

The Rigby family was also a buzz during this time, shortly after our engagement Matt's mom Pam made a visit to Houston.  It was her birthday week and we were glad to have her.  We had a great time wedding planning and shopping.  After a short time Steven, Matt's youngest brother announced that he too would be married this year.  WHOA! So an excited Rigby family looked forward to 2 weddings within weeks of each other. 

It seemed that May was here before we knew it! Family arrived and the day was finally here! Matt and I were married May 28, 2010 surrounded by family and our dearest friends.  It was a beautiful day and our lives changed forever!  With only a few days to spare Matt and I packed my car (with best friend Beth's help!) loaded the dog and off we went.  It was a fun road trip to Colorado.  Once in our new home the unpacking and job hunting for me began.  I don't look forward to moving any time soon!  July came with anticipation of another Rigby wedding and family get together. We flew to Washington and attended Steven and Ramie's wedding. It was beautiful. 

As August approached I had gotten a job at the Broadmoor Spa.  It was truly a blessing and we are thrilled for the work.  There was a bit of a hassle with the state over licensing but was resolved.  We were so excited to find out August 5 that we were pregnant.  However, we miscarried in September at about 10 weeks along.  While so sad and the first trauma of our young marriage we turned to our faith, family and each other.  We trust the Lord and know that the blessing of children will come.   

September brought a new semester of school for Matt and work was very busy for me.  The fall leaves changed and a cool freshness settled over the beautiful Colorado Springs valley.  We looked forward to Thanksgiving and the holiday season.  At the first of November a surprise addition nuzzled my legs while on a routine trip to PetCo.  His name is Bubba, he is handsome and very fluffy!  Bubba is a Blue Merle Sheltie and a wonderful new addition to our family.  Sugar Bear is surviving the new brother and maybe even likes him! She was an only puppy for 6 years!

November brought the race to finals for Matt and a trip to Utah to visit my family.  As a turn of luck the Rigby's were also in Utah.  The Rigby's are setting a record for marriages as Jeff (Matt's twin brother) is now also engaged.  So the Rigby's were meeting Erin's parents and doing wedding Planning.  It was a great holiday and we all had a great time together. 

December has been exciting with finals over, and Matt having done great this semester.  He spent a week in Virgina Beach at the USA Track and Field convention.  From that opportunity Matt will now be traveling to Jamaica in February to work with the Jamaican federation.  He also had an exciting meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and great things are coming from his hard work. 

We will be taking a belayed honeymoon in January to the Bahamas.  We are so excited and will have lots to tell when we get back.  We look forward to lots of new adventures in 2011. 

As the new year is around the corner our thoughts are filled with all the blessing we enjoy everyday.  We are so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that provides light and life to our lives.  At this Christmas season we have one wish for all of you, that with small steps and a steadfastness in Christ may each of you come to know your Savior.  Let him lift your burdens,  let him rejoice in your success and most of all let him whisper of peace and love to your heart.  He is our Lord and Savior and we know with assurance of his goodness and Divinity.  May your new year be filled with joy and happiness.  

Love always,
Matt, Amanda, SugarBear, Bubba and Daisy 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A week without Matt

December 5, 2010

So I guess this is my first post after I signed up! Perhaps it was a good weekend to start our blog, Matt has been out of town all week.  So I found myself with extra time, and thought it was a good idea.  Matt works with the USA Track and Field organization and spent the week in Virgina Beach attending the annual convention.  He has also been able to spend time with Jeff and Erin.  He will have to write all about it when he gets home. 
As for me, home alone there has been plenty to do.  The dogs keep me hoppin and have kept me company.  I was able to decorate for Christmas, spend some quiet time with my thoughts and do some house cleaning.  Work is really slow right now and I am considering using the down time to get my instructors license.  It would be something that I really would enjoy.
So this was a short post, I'm off to groom the pups!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

We've joined the Bloggers!!!

December 4, 2010

Wow! We are official bloggers! Many of you who may follow our blog are family, and so perhaps some things will be repetitive.  For all the rest of you....enjoy!

This has been an exciting year in for the Rigby's!  We started the year engaged and so excited for our new life together.  We were married on May 28, 2010 surrounded by family and friends.  For Amanda the marriage included a move from Katy Texas to join Matt in Colorado Springs.  Matt is currently working on a Masters Degree at UCCS and works with USA Track and Field.  Amanda is working at the Broadmoor Spa as a cosmetologist, a job she loves!

It was  a crazy few months getting settled in and unpacking.  A quick trip to Washington for Steven & Ramie's wedding in July.  Steven is Matts little brother.   It was a great trip and lots of fun!  We also met Erin, Jeff's (now finace).

As the time passes married life is great.  Life always has a way of throwing some curve balls into the plan!  Matt and I were so excited to learn we were pregnant, and with an understanding that the Lord knows best we lost our baby at 10 weeks. We trust  that with faithfulness and hope we will be blessed again soon. 

A wonderful treat for us was a trip to Utah to visit parents.  Matt's parents Pam and Frank were also in Utah meeting Erin's parents.  It was great to see everyone.  My brother Tim was also able to come and spend Thanksgiving with us!  We are so blessed with such wonderful families!  We love you all!

Back at home in Colorado we are gearing up for Christmas, Matts finals and playing with our puppies.  We added a new furry baby to our family in November.  His name is Bubba, he is a blue merle sheltie and a great addition to our family.
We are looking forward to many new and exciting adventures and hope you will share them with us here on our blog spot!

Matt and Amanda